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Presented by: Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC)
Sinani Energy
Solar PV solutions built for purpose
Solar Energy Solutions
Efficient solar energy solutions engineered for the task at hand
Sinani Energy
Complete Commercial, Agricultural & Industrial Energy Solutions
Specialists in Energy Solutions
From feasibility to implementation, we partner with you to implement sustainable and profitable energy solutions
Sinani Energy
Empowering your business to achieve more
Providing Value To Our Clients
Integrating people, data and technology to achieve better energy efficiency and lower reliance on the national grid
Sinani Energy
Energy efficient solutions that are built for the task at hand but also incorporates business acumen
Energy Management
Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients to empower them to effectively manage their energy consumption

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Solar PV systems
for your business

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Analyse energy
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Presented to an energy saving company for outstanding accomplishments in developing, organising, managing and implementing its corporate energy management program, and for superior service to the Association

Presented by: Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC)

Every step of the way
Sinani, we are with you

We are here to support businesses that are proactively striving to attain their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals, aiming to improve operational efficiencies and minimize the adverse effects of their activities on the environment in which they operate.

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Implement specialised Solar PV systems for your business


We provide, transparent, readable and reliable energy reporting


2-B-BBEE partnership for scorecard requirements

Energy efficient solutions that are built for the task at hand
but also incorporates business acumen.

Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients to
empower them to effectively manage their energy consumption

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The implementation of solar for your business is the harnessing of low-cost clean energy.
Solar Energy Solutions
Tailored Solar PV solutions for your specific
commercial and industrial needs.

Abel Lekalakala

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Abonga Nkwelo

BSocSci: Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Rhodes University)

I firmly believe that our team possesses the necessary expertise to tackle exceptionally demanding projects and turning them into tangible outcomes for our clients. I’m confident that our efforts have a positive impact in regions we operate in and in turn, globally. We forge meaningful partnerships with our clients, delving into their business and energy needs. Being a part of Sinani Energy is truly remarkable, as we actively contribute to the sustainability and long-term success of our clients. We believe the stories we want to tell are the success stories of our clients, and the small role that we play in their sustainability and longevity.

Abonga's Role:
Abonga brings substantial expertise to the role of business and operations manager. Tasked with driving business development through sales and marketing initiatives, Abonga formulates strategies, identifies sales leads and establishing new client relationships. Additionally, Abonga takes charge of overseeing the creation of the marketing strategy to support the company's objectives.

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Andrew Hlupo

B.Sc Mechanical Engineering (University of Cape Town)

Energy serves as a crucial element in our everyday existence, propelling and sustaining economies and societies. My personal objective has consistently revolved around making meaningful contributions to society, and I am convinced that active participation in the energy sector allows me to fulfil this aspiration significantly. In my capacity as a mechanical engineer, aligning with the Sinani Energy team empowers me to actively engage in the provision of sustainable renewable energy solutions for our African community, encompassing vital sectors such as agriculture and industry. This role grants me the chance to apply my expertise and skills, fostering economic growth and contributing to the future prosperity of our continent.

Andrew's Role:
Andrew oversees the comprehensive design, implementation, and commissioning of Solar PV systems. He also manages site and projects, ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, he specializes in energy management and conducts utility analyses to optimize efficiency.

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Angelique van Aswegen

B. Eng (Hons) Electrical Engineering (University of Pretoria)

Renewable Energy has been a lifelong passion of mine, and joining the Sinani Energy team enables me to actively contribute to the solution. Embracing solar power not only allows us to nurture the environment but also affords us the opportunity to fully embrace technological advancements while ensuring peace of mind for future generations.

Angelique's Role:
Angelique is responsible for developing engineering designs for both LV and MV electrical reticulation systems, overseeing the entire project life cycle from conception to completion. She manages contractors, procurement of select components, and supplier relationships. Additionally, she compiles comprehensive proposals, detailed designs, participate in and manage tender processes, and manage application process to ensure regulatory compliance for electrical projects.

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Ayanda Mbatha

B.Com Accounting (University of Johannesburg)

Energy plays a crucial role in the functioning of any economy and impacts our daily lives. Drawing upon my decade-long experience in the external audit realm, I have witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of soaring energy expenses and energy shortages on the profitability and productivity of businesses. I am fortunate to be associated with a company dedicated to devising solutions for enterprises, guiding them on effective energy management to optimize both usage and costs.

In my role as a financial accountant, I recognize the significance of delivering timely and accurate financial information. This enables management to make well-informed decisions regarding the financial feasibility of prospective projects, ensuring they contribute substantial value to both our company and our clients.

Ayanda's Role:
Ayanda is tasked with the responsibility of issuing quotations for our services. It is crucial to ensure that your account is current, meaning that invoicing is accurate, and payments are allocated correctly. Additionally, Ayanda oversees the management of purchase orders to ensure that the necessary inventory for projects is acquired. Furthermore, Ayanda is involved in project accounting.

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Cameron Guscott

I've always had a fascination for solar energy, its mechanics, and the construction of solar systems. I firmly believe in the pivotal role of renewable energy in shaping our future, and I am eager to contribute my skills and be an integral part of a team and company driving it in the right direction."

Cameron's Role:
Cameron role is on site, project managing and building projects for us. He’s the ensure that our highest building standards are enforced and we meet our budgetary and on-time targets.

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Chane Howes

CA(SA) (University of Johannesburg)

In my role as the financial manager at Sinani Energy, I find tremendous excitement in contributing to the company's goal-focused approach. Our commitment to empowering businesses to achieve sustainability targets while simultaneously realising cost savings resonates deeply with my professional values. Sinani Energy's dedication to forging impactful partnerships and actively shaping a brighter, more sustainable energy landscape is not just a mission; it's a shared conviction. I take pride in being part of a team that views a sustainable energy future as an imperative, recognising that our work transcends profit margins – it's about leaving a positive impact on the planet. As we navigate this transformative mission, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to leveraging my financial expertise to propel Sinani Energy and its partners toward a future where environmental responsibility and financial success coexist harmoniously.

Chané's Role
Chané brings a wealth of experience into our finance having worked in the auditing environment for one of the worlds leading audit firms. Having been responsible some an array of blue chip companies Chané’s attention to detail is invaluable to our business as we continue to explore projects both in South African and the Middle East.

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Chad Langdon

BSc Mechanical Engineering

As a solar design engineer, I am not only passionate about harnessing the power of the sun, but also the broader influence of renewable energy on the world as we know it today. At Sinani Energy I have the opportunity to provide unique solutions to our clients, so that they may see the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. I look forward to growing with the industry and being a part of the solution to our energy crisis.

Chad is actively engaged in the design phase of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, where his responsibilities include tasks such as determining optimal solar panel placement, designing electrical and structural components, and ensuring compliance with technical specifications and regulations. As the overseer of projects, Chad takes on the crucial role of managing initiatives from their initiation to completion. This encompasses effective coordination with diverse stakeholders, meticulous management of timelines and budgets, adherence to regulatory requirements, and swift resolution of any challenges that may arise during project execution. Throughout the entire life cycle of solar PV systems, Chad's pivotal involvement extends from the initial design phase to comprehensive project management and the ongoing operation and maintenance of the system. This holistic approach ensures the successful implementation and sustained functionality of solar PV projects over the long term.

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Chantal Matthys

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Cliff Savage

B.Sc Construction Studies
B.Sc (Hon) Construction Management
(Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

I've always been interested in renewable and sustainable living, so joining Sinani Energy has enabled me to be part of a solution in a country where energy supply is a major concern – an exciting journey with huge opportunities.

Cliff's Role:
Cliff leads the execution of our projects, oversees the procurement process, and manages the project construction within our regional area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. With his extensive experience in the built environment sector, Cliff ensures that our projects are executed seamlessly and without any complications.

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Chris Fraser

More about Chris Fraser

Chris has spent over a decade in the Middle East and is the working in the built in environment sector. During his time there, he has built a very successful contracting business working across various project of some of the most well-known corporation and brands in the region. Chris brings regional know-how in the Middle East particularly in the commercial and industrial sector. Chris will lead the team to continuously deliver a high level of service on all projects we embark on.

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Derenzo Stallbaum

The advancements in Renewable Energy fascinate me and draws me towards Sinani with it being at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry . The ability to learn and be part of a journey that has a massive impact on our environment. I am proud to be a small part of a massive industry that's changing the world.

Derenzo’s Role:
Derenzo is responsible for bringing energy management projects together internally after the Design packs are handed over. Overseeing the warehouse and following project progress from start to finish, ensuring all materials are readily available and dispatched on time. The warehouse also maintains a host of interdepartmental communications to create effective processes in having firm deadlines for our clients.

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Enrique Torres-Mercado

Postgraduate Honours Level Advanced Diploma in Accounting (UNISA)
B.Com Financial Management Sciences (University of Pretoria)

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Geoff Raikes

B.Sc Electro-Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
(University of Cape Town)

"My passion for the energy sector is deeply rooted in the transformative potential of energy availability and efficiency. The projects we work on are extremely rewarding, technically challenging and incredibly impactful. Working with Sinani enables me to add tangible value to clients."

Geoff and his team excel in site and project management, focusing on reducing client energy costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. Geoff plays a key role in our proposal and bidding process, delivering compelling and bespoke solutions that quantify savings, drive client profitability, and align with both our and clients mission statement of sustainability.

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Gift Masango

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Hubert Manyatela

Dip. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology)

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